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The Show-Me Scholars Initiative, implemented by the Missouri Chamber Education Foundation in Missouri, is part of a national program (The State Scholars Initiative).  The program is designed to motivate students to build their personal plan of study around a more rigorous set of high school courses they need to take to better prepare them for a post-secondary transition into either a four-year college, community college, technical school, apprenticeship, military or employment.

Show-Me Scholars is community based – it brings local business leaders into eighth-grade classrooms, where they work with educators to motivate students to develop rigorous and relevant personal plans of study around the core curriculum before students enter high school. These mentors continue their support through high school to make sure students maintain and follow through with their personal plans of study, helping to ensure that the plan continues to remain rigorous and that it addresses their career and educational goals.

The partnering of business and education is critical. When business leaders visit the classrooms to talk to students about the importance of taking a rigorous course of study and how a strong education benefits their employees in the workplace every day, they bring home for students the value of a strong education in a real-world, bottom-line way.

For more information on this program, please contact the Rolla Area Chamber of Commerce (364-3577) or your school counselor.

Visit the Rolla High School Website Show-Me Scholars Page

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