Shop Local

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As a consumer we have the power to shape our community and make a difference. Every time we open our wallets to a business, we are saying, I like what you do. Keep doing it! When we shop our local community and specifically chamber members, we are saying YES to a strong vibrant local economy.

Rolla area businesses employ local people, use local services and strengthen our local economy. When we shop in these stores the businesses and their employees re-circulate the dollar back into the community.

Research has shown that 73% of a dollar spent in a locally owned business remains in a community; 43% of a dollar spent at a national chain store. Whereas no amount of the dollars spent on the internet, or outside the area we live and work in helps to insure the prosperity of the community that is the most important to each of us. Zero return on investment.

Take the opportunity to maximize the dollars spent locally; the dollars translate to roads, services, parks, municipal services, police and fire protection and public school support.

When you make an effort to shop local-you may be surprised by what is available. Rolla boasts many retail shops, businesses and restaurants, family entertainment options, whimsical gifts shops, stylish retail clothing stores and so much more.

The Rolla Area Chamber of Commerce is available to refer local chamber members and businesses for the products and services you need. Chamber members are listed alphabetically and categorically in this directory as a quick resource.