Glik’s – One Of America’s Oldest Retailers Continues To Thrive


In 1890, Joseph Glik had the idea of selling top-quality merchandise from a horse-drawn wagon in rural areas of Missouri and Iowa. His reputation for customer service came to be as renowned as his affordable prices. Since that time, most every other retailer of the day has long since disappeared. Today, not only does Glik’s survive, it thrives and is recognized as the 14th oldest retailer in the United States and are celebrating their 118th anniversary.

Just as in the 1890s, retailers earn their stripes with fickle shoppers daily. That’s how Glik`s has weathered the years – by doing what retailers must – focusing 100 percent on customers and adapting to changing conditions. Glik’s has also fully embraced new technology while avoiding the pitfall of excessive debt.

Glik’s and the few other retailers in this exclusive category of longevity have weathered depressions, recessions, wars, the advent of mega stores, culture shifts and the onset of online retailing. Styles too have changed from simple jeans and overalls to the fashion forward and high-tech outdoor gear. However, consumers still flock to Glik’s, because Glik’s brings fashion forward, name brand apparel and strong customer service to its Midwest hometown markets.

Over more than a century, Glik`s has expanded their store base and established itself to the ever-changing consumer. Glik`s attention to fashion and dedication to customer service is nothing new, resulting in it now boasting more than 60 locations across nine Midwest states with continued plans for more growth. The Glik family personally selects each location in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and in South and North Dakota.

The Rolla Glik’s is located at 1260 Forum Dr.


About Glik’s

Glik’s is a family owned retail company carrying name brand apparel for young men and women. Brands include: North Face, Silver Jeans, Billabong, Hurley, Roxy, Fox, Under Armour, Miss Me and more.

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