The Benefits of Guest Blogging

by Taisia Gordon, Events & Communications Coordinator

Developing content and publishing it on a blog that isn’t your own, otherwise know as guest blogging, can be a powerful tool for business owners.  Not only does it give you the opportunity to share your expertise and spread your brand’s message but it offers a lot of other benefits to both the reader and the writer.  In fact, here’s a list of reasons why you may want to consider guest blogging.

  1. Exposure to a greater audience.  Writing content for your own blog is a good way to stay in touch with people who have already shown an interest in what you have to say.  Guest blogging provides you with the opportunity to engage with a different audience and potentially grow your reach.
  2. Increased Google ranking and website traffic. Every time your name and business appear on a different website or blog, Google moves your own website up the search order rank.  Google interprets your page of greater interest because it is linked to from other pages.
  3. Larger personal network. Being active in the business community increases your visibility and contacts.  Even if you’re not able to attend events in person, a blog is a great way to connect and start a conversation.  As your “voice” is heard through blogs and as your share valuable information with readers, you build trust and connection with your audience.
  4. Increase your social media shares and following. Content that is informative and entertaining is shared throughout social media which can boost follower count and lead generation.
  5. Increase your brand authority. As a guest blogger, you have the opportunity to become a credible source of information and an authority in your niche.  Your audience will realize you are an expert in your field and you build trust with your potential clients.

In summary, guest blogging is a valuable marketing strategy with many benefits.  If you’re interested in giving it a try, reach out to the companies you’d like to guest blog for with several solid guest post topics and deliver valuable information.  Once you jump in, you’ll reap the powerful benefits.


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